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Wooden Cross Decoration with Spirit Food (H122)

Wooden Cross Decoration with Spirit Food (H122)

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Isaiah 12:2 is a verse from the Bible that talks about trusting and not being afraid because God is there to help and bring joy. Let's break it down into simpler words:

  1. "Behold, God is my salvation": This part is like saying, "Look, God is the one who saves me." It's about knowing that God is the one who can rescue or help us when we are in trouble.

  2. "I will trust, and will not be afraid": Here, the person speaking is deciding to trust in God. They are saying they will rely on God and not be scared. It's like when you know a strong friend is with you, you don't feel afraid.

  3. "For the Lord God is my strength and my song": This means that God gives them strength to face hard times and makes them happy. It's like saying God helps them when things are tough and also brings joy into their life.

  4. "And he has become my salvation": This repeats the idea that God is the one who saves them. It's like saying, "God really is the one who helps me out."

Overall, Isaiah 12:2 is about having faith in God. It tells us that we can trust God to help us and not to be scared because He is strong and brings happiness. It's a message of hope and confidence.

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